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From Counseling to Strength Based

What was once viewed as a counseling center has evolved into a multi venture agency promoting resident partners to thrive. It is our belief that sustained positive impact and community renewal, revitalization and restoration must be resident-led, community-driven, and asset based.

Give your Gift
Everyone has a Gift

We believe that every individual has gifts and talents to contribute and that together we build an equitable and just society. Lasting social change happens when we come together on a local level and support each other by sharing our gifts, abilities and leadership for the betterment of all in our communities.

Pod in a Parking Lot
Tackling Distance Learning
SBCC staff met the first week school was opened to determine how we could support our families. By the second week of school SBCC was conducting a learning pod in our parking lot. The kids were socially distanced, wearing masks, with hand sanitizer at each table. Each Child had a computer connected to the LAUSD platform. SBCC was working with kids K through high school.
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